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Introducing the Kern 135 DataTracker:

Complete Document Monitoring for Full-Width Integrity

The new Kern 135 DataTracker is the latest innovation for monitoring document integrity, helping you cut costs, reduce waste, and improve production quality and efficiency. This high-speed solution can handle processing speeds of up to 656 ft/min. and checks the integrity of stock to image matching so that all information is printed and correctly matched to its respective stock. It also monitors toner quality, duplicate and missing page detection, sequencing, blank space, positioning, page shuffle detection, and address control.


How Does it Work?

The K135 DataTracker is positioned at the output end of a continuous printer to scan completed documents and verify that the right information is placed on the right forms. A state-of-the-art, high-speed, high resolution line-scan camera checks the full web width, giving you full control of printed output to detect data errors, monitor print quality, manage re-prints, and offers a full track and trace audit trail to your customers. The K135 also supports control using 2D barcodes, OMR, OCR, Barcodes, or Postal Codes.


Benefits of the K135

•Checks integrity of prints, images, toner quality, data integrity, sequencing and matching,
positioning, control analysis of logo or paper, address structure control, etc. •High speed processing of up to 656 ft/min, pinfeed or pinless, for 1, 2, or 3-up configurations
•Integrated paper transport system allows for ultimate flexibility in online or offline configurations
•Connects to and integrates into all existing ADF software architectures, workflows, and Document Management Systems
•Increased uptime due to user friendly touch screen interface