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Kern 125 Paper-Web Accumulator

Has your paper got you in a jam?
Printing and other document processing systems can be like vehicles in traffic; they don't all move at the same speed. Example, if your printing system puts out more than the next link in the document finishing chain, things will get congested, bringing your documents to a complete halt. This production stoppage can be prevented by positioning a Kern 125 Paper-Web Accumulator in between. The K125 paper-web accumulator serves as a buffer zone between two different processing stages and provides the continuous flow of paper. Two oscillating arms help to accumulate oncoming paper before the module lets out a steady stream of paper, thus ensuring trouble free production.

Time is Money!
Every minute your production is at a standstill costs you money and if your equipment is running more, you will have more production and increase the return on your investment. The K125 Paper-Web Accumulator allows you to run your systems without interruption, saving you time and money. Additional advantages of the K125 Paper-Web Accumulator are the syncronized controls, sensors for regulating paper and loop tension, and an interface for communicating with other systems. The module fits in well with Kern's line of finishing solutions because of its relatively small footprint and noise muffling covers that make the K125 safe and quiet.