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Technical Training

As an offering within our service function, Kern Inc. does provide a technical training course option for standby and self-service customers. This program provides technical information to resident customer technicians on maintaining a Kern system including,

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Error Identification and Recovery
  • Safety

Operator Training

Kern Inc. is pleased to offer ALL operator training free of charge with the purchase of a system and an onsite maintenance agreement. Our operator training courses are detailed and cover not only operation of a Kern system, but also provide in-depth training in the following areas:

  • Safety of the equipment
  • Error recovery
  • Software Training
  • Classroom Testing

Factory Training

Every technician at Kern Inc. completes a detailed and rigorous factory training on each of the systems they are to support. This factory training consists of basic and enhanced mechanical and software training, testing, and application.

Following this factory training, each technician participates in a mentoring program for up to three months with an experienced resident technical resource. This mentoring allows for each technician to use and apply the training received under direct supervision. The end result from our formal factory sessions is a completely competent and trained technician on all Kern solutions for every Kern customer.