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T Line Inserting Systems

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Kern T Line Inserting Systems


When Kern announced the first T-Line inserter in 1968 it provided new levels of productivity in a small footprint. In today’s highspeed mail factory typical speeds have eclipsed the 8,000 mailpieces per hour of the T-Line Inserting System. But the real challenges in many production operations are the many smaller jobs with frequent changeovers. The modern T-Line system performs those tasks with ease. 


Available in a variety of configurations with cut-sheet andcontinuous form input options, The Kern T-Line has one of the smallest production footprints and the right ergonomics for an operator to speed through your short-run jobs. The K686 version even allows matching from two input channels and can be integrated with Kern mailFactory, enabling your most complex “odd jobs” to be part of your closed-loop process. 


The modern T-line uses time-tested and reliable Kern mechanics with up to date electronics, reading and connectivity to deliver the practical performance you need for your short-run work.