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Self Mailers

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Self Mailers

Expanding the possibilities of full color communications with complete forms factories that will turn plain paper into mail-ready documents. Kern has two solutions for mailers that are interested in direct and transactional mail solutions.

The Page Mailer is a high volume self mailer with configurations for both continuous forms and cut sheets. The PageMailer was designed for postage savings with the ability to turn plain 8.5" x 11" paper into a complete mailpiece in the postcard format. This machine really will pay for itself in as little as four months depending on your mailing volume.



High quality mailings with significant cost savings

Today’s mailers are looking for versatile equipment that will minimize operational cost and provide a significant return on their investment. Kern’s latest mailing solutions is the PageMailer, cap

Multi PageMailer

Speed mixed with high quality mailing and cost savings

Kern MultiPageMailer Cut Sheet is equipped with readers to make sure that the right envelope and the right documents match with each other. MPM feeds first the envelope form and then the A4 forms to t