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The RollJack

The trend within the production mail industry is moving heavily toward rolled output for good reasons: productivity multiplies and downtime decreases.But with rolled forms comes challenges: giant, heavy rolls of paper, with no good way to move them pre- and post-processing. From this need, Kern has developed the RollJack as an innovative solution to make production mail more productive.The RollJack takes the struggle and the danger out of moving rolls during continuous forms production.  Simply put, the Kern RollJack is an easy and safe paper handling solution.

Increase Productivity with the new Kern RollJack

The Kern RollJack is light weight, simple, and easy to use.The ergonomic design minimizes workplace hazards and is proven to fit with all industry unwinding and rewinding equipment.While manually moving and loading or unloading rolls can be dangerous, it also damages the outer layer of the roll.The RollJack offers protection while being transported, lifting the roll up and away from the dirt and random hazards that can damage and rip the paper.