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Kern Quality Policy

Kern Inc. is fundamentally focused on customer success. We are dedicated to delivering a quality, competitive, and on time solution. We continually strive to improve our end to end, innovative solutions, and services through design, customer feedback, and employee participation. This is accomplished in a safe, friendly, flexible, and profitable environment that maintains high standards and delivers the best overall value to our customers

Manufacturing Excellence

Kern has maintained ISO certified manufacturing facilities since 1998. We have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000, which is the most current quality in manufacturing rating today. Kern'’s manufacturing quality policy dictates that we maintain self-sufficiency with regard to the critical components in Kern inserting systems. Outside of widely available commodities and standard components, such as stainless steel billet stock, shaft stock, bearings etc., Kern manufactures in-house and is not dependent on outside vendors.

Quality Initiatives

Our engineers and technicians are trained on the Six-Sigma methodology and are equipped to work with your quality improvement or Six-sigma team on any project that would improve machine performance or cost reduction. Troubleshooting techniques, such as Kepner-Tregoe, are also part of their toolbox.

At Kern, quality is an inherent part of everything we do, from production mail solutions to service and support. We see this as a direct tie to deep partnerships and ultimately, the success of customers.