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Production Mail Finishing

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Production-Grade Mail Inserting and Wrapping Systems That Deliver Consistent Results

Production Mail Finishing products are the core of our business and have earned the reputation of the best designed, finest-built production systems in the world. At Kern our focus always has been and always will be to ensure that your production volumes are produced reliably and securely with absolute accuracy.

We pioneered the concept of the modular design, applied to production inserting systems, and every product in our DMF line-up is fully modular, with a wide array of input, output, and special applications modules.



Production Mail Solutions for Every Application

Kern offers a wide range of high volume inserting solutions designed to make your production mail more productive. Kern has developed industrial solutions for demanding  production needs that a

Input Modules

Variety of inputs for both cut sheet and continuous form

Kern Input Modules Kern offers a variety of inputs for both cut sheet and continuous form environments. The working sequence is electronically monitored and the clean paper feed ensures high-qualit

Self Mailers

Full color communications with complete forms factories

Expanding the possibilities of full color communications with complete forms factories that will turn plain paper into mail-ready documents. Kern has two solutions for mailers that are interested in d

Output Modules

Processing of production made easier and faster

Intelligent delivery and stacking technology at the output of the document inserting process makes the subsequent processing of your production easier and faster. Kern offers various technologies, all

Mail Wrapping

Wide range of use for all your mail wrapping needs

Developed in response to the multifarious demands of the market and with an eye to the needs of operators, the Kern 40 Mail Wrapping System has been designed and built with two guiding principles in m