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Output Modules

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Kern Output Modules

Intelligent delivery and stacking technology at the output of the document inserting process makes the subsequent processing of your production easier and faster. Kern offers various technologies, all of which are well proven in practice, in the form of:

  • Vertical Stacking Belts

  • Conveyor Belts


Vertical Conveyor

The removal of finished mail pieces is now more convenient

If mail pieces leave your Document Inserting Machine standing up instead of lying down, that means you have more room. And that's just what's been achieved by the Vertical Conveyor from Kern. With a c

Shingling Conveyor

Adjustablity offering a simple but convenient solution

With a shingling conveyor as the output unit, your envelopes leave the Inserting System slightly overlapping The overlap rhythm and thickness are adjustable offering a simple but convenient solutio