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What is Kern EDGE?

Kern EDGE stands for the Electronic Document Gateway for the Enterprise and it gives users the ability to store, access, share and workflow documents in a secure private cloud environment.

Kern EDGE is SaaS (Software as a Service) platform; thus, eliminating the need for servers, software maintenance, and an upfront capital investment.  EDGE is a highly configurable suite of applications for document workflow, document generation and document archiving and organization, as well as much more. 

With a document agnostic core, Kern EDGE can handle whatever business need is set in front of it.  What sets Kern EDGE apart from other workflow and archival platforms, is EDGE is built to add on to whatever ERP solution the user has.  Our team of developers takes our core, configures it to each customers business needs, and makes sure each user gets exactly what they need, at a fraction of the price.


Why We Are Involved with the Electronic Document World

For nearly 70 years, Kern has been helping companies manage their documents destined for the mailstream.  Even in an increasingly digital world, there is still a place for paper documents; businesses just need better tools for managing them.  For this, Kern introduces EDGE as a robust and cost effective web-based service that will digitize, manage, and automate your document assets.

Kern first saw the need for this with a simple question, what happens to all the paper documents when something needs to be sent back in to the business?  Does it just go back to one person who sorts it himself or to a team where it bounces around and goes through a workflow life.  Are the documents sitting in a box somewhere, or sorted in drawers?  Maybe they are scanned into computers, but is the indexing and search-ability limited?  This is where Kern found a niche in the electronic document world.

From this, we saw the need for document management in other departments within a company.  Using our flexible software as a service tool, we have found and implemented applications in the following:

  • Accounts Payable Approval
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Order
  • Marketing (incoming mail-ins / online enrollment and acceptance)
  • Human Resources
  • Claims reports
  • Records Management
  • Much more


What Kern EDGE has to offer

EDGEline - Workflow

Many companies face the issue of spreading more work among fewer employees. EDGEline is designed to make employees more productive by meeting specific department needs with workflow and process automation. Whether you utilize EDGE for a single department or across your company, EDGEline gives you what you need without buying what you don’t.


EDGEdock – Achive

This is the central location for your business documents.  Here your documents are placed into your own private cloud in one of three ways: electronic image transfer, electronic data transfer, or scanning through existing network scanners or by our team onsite or at our facilities. EDGEdock is accessible through any web-enabled device and a powerful search engine helps you find the right document quickly.


EDGEport – Generate and/or Index

For web-based imaging and indexing, EDGE port gives records management professionals the tools they need to accurately and quickly categorize documents prior to entering them into a workflow or archive. Save even more by using Kern EDGE for document imaging and indexing services.


EDGEsync – Integration

For businesses that have already invested in large enterprise software systems, EDGEsync integrates with your existing applications to expand your document management capabilities at a fraction of the cost, compared to upgrades from Oracle, SAP, or other solutions (even homegrown ones).  Integrate EDGE without interrupting your business processes and use EDGE's clear user interface to manage your documents.


EDGEinsight – Buisness Intelligence Reports

The need to track projects and workflows is at an all time high for businesses and your solution is included with Kern EDGE, EDGEinsight customizes reports to the needs of our clients and displays the reports in different charts and spreadsheets to help optimize work to all new levels. EDGE insight is the proof that no matter what your workflow needs are Kern is the solution through and through.


State of the Art Security

The most important thing about electronic document management is that our customers documents are secure in our cloud.  That is why we pride ourselves in our multiple levels of security we have put in place and all of the verifications we have received from several 3rd party sources.

The SaaS document gateway is in the private cloud for collection, access, and sharing that gives you total control over the documents you need to run your business.  Kern EDGE is SSAE 16 Type II certified as well as Safe Harbor certified. There is 24/7 IT support and on-site customer support to help with any of your needs.  On top of our multi-tier encryption which makes files as secure as possible, Kern EDGE is protected by a tier IV internet datacenter within BAIS is Santa Clara, California. Tier IV is the highest industry classification and files are backed up in a secondary location in Arizona.


Questions or Wanting More Information?

If you would like to know more about Kern EDGE or would like to set up a demo with our team, please contact us at 614-317-2600 or click the link here to send us an email.  Contact Kern EDGE