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Kern 5000 Multiformat Inserting

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Kern 5000: Maximum Flexibility with the Multiformat Inserting System


The K5000 represents the peak of innovation in integration for multi-format mail production. The perfect marriage between the most advanced continuous forms input system and grouping and folding module from Kern, along with the proven and stable #nserting chassis from W+D yields the K5000, a breakthrough in productivity and efficiency. The heart of the K5000 is the newly developed rotation module that enabled 2-up portrait roll input repositioned to landscape on-the-fly for flats applications with the highest throughputs.


With automated set-up of the folding plates, the rotary module and the document transportation in the inserting system, downtime when changing between formats is minimal.


The K5000 has a maximum throughput of 16,000 envelopes per hour and can be continuously adjusted in accordance with page counts and job characteristics. Combined with the high performance Kern 996 input, large sets of documents can be processed safely and quickly. The Kern 5000 fully integrates into the Kern mailFactory® environment and supports current automated production processes.