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Kern 100 Unwinding Module

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Kern 100 Roll Unwinding Module

The Major Role of your Unwinder

In all phases of the pre- and post-processing of printed documents, you demand accurate and efficient production. For the most demanding print and mail producers, the K100 Roll Unwinder Module features an integrated five-roller dancer system to buffer the paper and a pneumatic dancer lift to quickly load paper rolls. Operators will benefit from the intelligent controls combined with electronic monitoring, making it possible to communicate with all types of printing and inserting systems, and with all kinds of document finishing modules.

A Smooth Operator

Under even the most strenuous production periods, the K100 keeps on rolling. The core drive controls are electronically synchronized via ultrasound paper-loop monitoring, delivering the exceptionally smooth and even flow of paper.

For letter-shop applications, the Kern 100 Roll Unwinding Module is also available in a "light" version - The Kern 105 Roll Unwinding Module.