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K40 Product Wrapping System

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Kern 40 Production Wrapping System: Simplicity and Versatility

The Kern 40 was designed to meet market demands while providing a platform that is effective for operators.

Operator Effective

Advanced electronics and a touch-screen control panel enable operators to switch quickly and easily from one type and size of product to another. This results in shortened preparation times between jobs and a significant increase in output.

Quality with Flexibility

The Kern 40 Mail Wrapping System achieves impeccable quality through the electronic monitoring and control of all aspects of production. Your final product is wrapped perfectly, regardless of its size and thickness - from a piece one-tenth of one millimeter thick to one with a thickness of over 1½ inches without any reduction in quality.

Modular and Flexible

The Kern 40 Mail Wrapping System is completely modular. Your initial investment is protected, because you can upgrade and expand the system at any time to meet changing needs.

Different types of feeders (shuttle feeder, rotary feeder, friction feeder, gadget feeder) enable you to collate all kinds of products - from single sheets to books, from coupons to magazines, from business cards to CDs. Various types of plastic film can be used to wrap the resulting products. Products can be addressed and personalized by printed variable data directly on the products or their wrappers or through pre-printed labels affixed to the product or wrapper. As required, the plastic film can be shrunk to fit in the Kern 40's shrink tunnel.

Once products have been wrapped, they can be collected on an output conveyor belt or stacked by means of a stacking module. Built-in system intelligence makes it possible to manage output according to postal criteria and is capable of working together with other finishing systems (e.g., binders, saddle stitchers) by virtue of its interface modules. Such modules can also be used to feed "difficult" products such as wired calendars or agendas.