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Kern Card Application Processing Fitting to Your Business Needs


Look in your wallet. Cards are getting smarter, more valuable and cover a wide range of uses. Most importantly, most are sent directly to the user. That’s where Kern comes in with the fastest, most integrated card application processing solutions. We leverage our extensive experience with production mail systems with state-of-the-art robotics and software systems to deliver the most advanced card processing platforms in the industry.




Fast, accurate and reliable card affixing system

From credit cards to hotel room keys, the Kern 90 can attach almost any kind of card to your custom-printed carrier. The K90 prints card carriers on demand before attaching the cards to their carriers


Simple user friendly solution for mid-range volumes

Kern 91 represents a further highlight on its range of automatic card affixing and mailing systems. A simple A-Z solution designed for the needs of the mid-range sector, the Kern 91 arrives up to a ma