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Kicking off the new year with a big bang, Kern officially has launched their own new age website to make your experience as a customer as easy, timely and informative as possible!

So what is new about the next level Kern website? Well we have set up a website that is easy for you to browse through all our products seamlessly. From the home page, you are able to reach all of our Kern game changing products from inserters to cloud based document management.

In our Featured Products section, you will see what our other customers have fallen in love with as well as our brand new systems. Here you will see our new K5000 and K3600. They were released in September and customers are already all over them. They are top of the line systems and if you wish to read more, go ahead and click on them to hear all about them! Along side of those two game changers, are the top selling Ai-33 Direct and the Kern iMpress. Go ahead and read for yourself why they are some of the best machines across the whole mailing industry!

The big difference between the old Kern site, and the new one, is its reach out into the new media age. From our blog, to our vast video section we have really pushed the envelope into the new year! Our social media sites will soon be taking off to new levels as well.

So go, explore the new age Kern website! Your server for all your mailing needs, just got smarter, faster and stronger!

          - Chadd Pierce, Marketing Communication Specialist

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