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Happy New Year Resolutions

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For many of us, the beginning of a new year provides at least a temporary opportunity for a touch of introspection and a new starting line to do something differently, all towards the goal of creating a better future. We call them resolutions but the bad joke is how quickly they break down based on inertia and habit. But let’s examine that word again.

Resolution, in our industry, usually refers to how finely we can draw a line or curve with individual dots or pixels to create a font or image in a customer communication. There’s a quantity context here. The more dots you can deploy, the finer you can draw the line, the better your end font or image can be. But, there’s also a quality context here. The better you can control the desired size and shape of each dot deployed, the more you can control the depth and shading of those same fonts and images. Apply both quantity and quality to the task and you have the complete approach to your resolution.

Yes, we know that the word does have multiple meanings and Webster lists a whole range of meanings from mathematical to our visual, graphical example (6b). In the New Year context it’s simply a promise you make to yourself to do better (3a,b). What is the basis of these promises? Usually to do more of something that’s good, less of things that are bad, more of the things that matter and less of the things that don’t. In other words, apply both quantity and quality to the task and you have the complete approach to your resolutions.

At Kern, our overarching resolution for 2015 is to “Do Better”. For several years now we have been sharing with you what our customers told us they liked about Kern; “Better Technology, Products, Processes, Partnership, People”. In 2015 our resolutions, in both the quantity and quality of our actions, will be to demonstrate each of these, done a little better.

-David Squires, SVP Strategy

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