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Rumors, Lies and Compliments

I’m always surprised, amused, and disappointed at the same time, to hear some of the rumors our customers ask about that originate from other vendors that call on them from our industry. The surprise element comes from the complete lack of basis in fact. The amusement element comes from the understanding that it represents the basic human trait to engage in a little schadenfreude, even when that supposed misery is based on the same complete lack of basis in fact. The disappointment comes from the fact that the art of salesmanship hasn’t evolved beyond the spreading of what Disraeli called (and Twain famously quoted) the three kinds of lies; “lies, damned lies, and statistics”.


But when I take a step back and reflect on what we hear I have to believe that these represent the ultimate compliment to the Kern “better” attributes. Instead of positioning against our technology, products, processes, partnership, or people, they attempt to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt through rumors of financial condition, lack of product development, and most amusingly, that Kern is considering offers to buy the company. Of course, those who know us well know none of these to be true.


As we enter 2015, Kern remains a leader in the global market for Document Output Management with 12 subsidiaries and over 60 distribution partners that cover every important economy on the globe. We remain privately held, conservatively run, and well capitalized. We keep our overhead low so we can maintain competitive price points while offering the highest build quality in our market.


In September, we announced two new products from Kern AG, the K3600 and the K5000 and still have the fastest production inserting system in the world at 33,000 envelopes per hour, our Ai-33 produced in America. We have successfully diversified into adjacent markets, including Card Application Processing, Production Document Printing with the Kern iMpres, and Electronic Document Management with Kern EDGE and Kern Business Services.


And, we have no plans to, nor are we open to, offers to buy the company from other industry players or venture capital groups. Kern is committed to our customers, with an ever increasing portfolio of products and services, and to remain the solid, trustworthy company you count on today, and can count on in the future.


Dave Squires, SVP, Strategy, Kern Inc