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Automated Document Factory Suite

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Kern Mail Factory

In today’s production environments it’s all about efficiency, effectiveness, and perfect integrity. Kern ADF suites help you manage your production assets to peak efficiency and ensure that every mailpiece has its exact intended contents with zero defects. Powerful and open reporting ensures that you are on top of every production system, job, and human resource involved in the manufacturing of mail.

Kern mailFactory is a comprehensive suite of web-enabled ADF software tools designed to help clients manage document production, verify document accuracy and easily interface with other workflow systems in an Automated Document Factory. All of mailFactory's components are based on a common structure, making it possible to network document inserting systems and to store data in a central database.

More than just document inserting systems, the components of mailFactory cover all levels of mail production. The Mailroom Management component monitors and controls jobs and production. The Device Management component monitors the system and tracks documents. The Machine Operation component tends to the physical monitoring and control of the document insertion process.



Document Validation

Match documents to a file and divert those out of sequence

Kern mailFactory Document Validation utilizes cameras to scan the input document stream and/or the output mail stream to ensure that expected documents are seen at the input and/or output of the

Postal Reporter

Help with all your postage accounting tasks

Kern mailFactory Postal Control performs the postage accounting tasks within the mailFactory. As part of this process, the system can set and reset inline postage meters and collect postage data. m


Better manage your production resources

Kern mailFactory PROStream is a natural extension to the Kern mailFactory Suite of Automated Document Factory software tools, designed to help customers better manage their production resources.

Media Control

Identify documents, enclosures and envelopes

Kern's mailFactory MediaControl is another option for augmenting monitoring and control. In addition to the identification of documents, MediaControl identifies enclosures and envelopes, thus further

Production Reporter

Reporting for all of your mail needs

Kern mailFactory Production Reporter is a reporting tool capable of reporting on inserter, operator, job, mail piece and mail recovery data. As with all modules, the software interfaces with the

Document Control

Processing for database control

mailFactory DocumentControl enables the active control of processing for file-based/database driven inserting.  Based on the mail-piece ID read on a document, the software issues file-based/datab


Handling of mailpieces under database control

Kern mailFactory Workplace enables the repair, reprint or manual handling of individual mail pieces within a job under database control. By simply scanning a single mailpiece or selecting a range of m


Increase mail production integrity

An economical solution for integrating single inserting system production with your current Workflow software systems, mailFactory WorkCell enables a better, faster, and cheaper automated document f


Reduce labor, increase proficiency

mailFactory FloorMonitor was designed to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing labor and waste costs. This software monitors all data from the floor and compiles it in an easy-to-read an