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#10 Reasons To Be iMpres'd

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Reason #1: What's a foot worth?

The Kern iMpres employs a unique paper path that reduces the footprint to a small fraction of competitive solutions. Simplex, Duplex, Plus Spot MICR or Color in a single print enclosure.

The Kern iMpres is the leader in output per square foot of production floor space.

iMpres'ive Footprint

Imagine over 200,000 feet of print per shift. Compare the size of the Kern iMpres with other production inkjet presses and you will find significant savings and production advantages on top of the compact footprint. That extra space equals savings on every page!

Reason #2: How does the Kern iMpres now achieve 25% More Print?

Faster Heads and More Ink Control

The Kern iMpres is the most compact production inkjet system on the market. The Kern iMpres can be configured for simplex printing at entry level speeds of 246 ft per minute all the way up to 30” wide, duplex printing at speeds up to 652 feet per minute. The design of the Kern iMpres gives it the highest OEE available and delivers a dramatically lower print costs compared with other inkjet printing systems.

What is OEE? Overall Equipment Effectiveness

For production document printers, OEE means more print for less, more uptime, fewer parts for service, less floor space required, and better technology. The Kern iMpres achieves OEE through advanced fluid controls that drive consistency in ink viscosity, automated cleaning routines that remove all guesswork and operator manual intervention, longer and predictable head and key component life all add up to less service intervention and a more reliable platform.

The #1 reason to be iMpres’d showed a footprint that was much less than half the size of other inkjet printing systems. With the announcement of a new, 40 kHz inkjet heads, the Kern iMpres can now print on demand at speeds of 652 feet per minute. Our #2 Reason to be iMpres’d is even more effective !